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zenithia_rpg's Journal

Zenithia - A Steampunk Multifandom Roleplay
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A castle representing the pact between the Gods of Darkness and the Gods of Light to preserve perfect balance across all of multiverse. Created to keep the order of the universe intact, its keepers wanting to inform and educate the chosen for the arduous journeys ahead.

Then there's that beautiful city hovering around it that needs constant protection. Do you think you're up for the task?

Welcome to Zenithia. Here, information is free and readily avaiable to you, as are strange rools, weapons and vehicles. You can learning about spellcasting, fighting, exotic creature racing, robot building, math, biology, public speaking... teach the skills themselves, or just live in the city and make your own life.

In order to make sure the fabric of the space-time does not tear, the gods have chosen steampunk as a perfect merger of technology and magic. Each character is selected by the representative of either side (Mickey Mouse for the Warriors of Light, Kefka for the Warriors of Darkness), they are given a new set of clothing and quick courses about how to to move around the castle's halls. For some, the use of magical computers will be a shock, for others, the fact that this pile of metal shows them pretty pictures is the real shock.

Zenithia, the crown jewel of this project, is a majestic stone cut castle that rises above the clouds and floats in space, drifting in the universe. The size of a small moon, it has all the accommodations needed to house a gigantic number of humanoids of all shapes and sizes. A blend of 16th century royal architecture and steampunk design, it is is unlike anything in the unknown universes. And that's just the castle. Wait until you get into the city itself...

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