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New look, new way to play, TIME FOR A SPECIAL MIRACLE REBIRTH!

Hello Zenithia.

We've been awfully quiet the last year. Well, NO MORE! After talking between ourselves, we have finally decided to make the game a Community Based Game. The advantages are many, including the fact that now you will never need the add/drop list again, and you can have two accounts for the same character (icon mules ALRIGHT!)

So this community is going to stay our announcement hub, but now the logs community is going to be our main action log community and the zenithia castle is going to be our journal based community. Please join both if you haven't done so before!

So from now on, you'll need to tag all of your posts when you post! This will be important so you can hunt down your own posts. But it's going to be exciting, we promise.

Sign your dudes up in the character list!

PLEASE HEAD OVER HERE AND SIGN UP ALL YOUR DUDES! This is super important as we rebuild everything around here!

Speaking of which, there's a plot afoot!

Zenithia Saving Christmas
Christmas time. It's a delightful time of the year when everyone gets presents from jolly old St.Nick aka Santa Claus. But....OH NO! Santa seems to have disappeared from every multiverse!

SOMETHING IS AFOOT. SOMEONE HAS STOLEN ALL OF THE UNIVERSE'S SANTAS! Even those that don't have a santa, some old fat guy seems to have been stolen.

Who doesn't want cheer to be spread? It's gonna be someone really evil right? Well, you'd be...probably right.


Of course you know that, but your characters don't! At least not yet, they don't even know that right now, old me are screaming for their very lives as giant pairs of claws grab them all away.

That's why, you, Zenithias have been called in. You must help stop this menace before December 25th rolls over and the entire multiverses have a very depressing time of the year!


Character applications!
Are now more streamlined! Please head on over to the new app page and notice that the history section now allows you to link to a wiki! Gosh golly gee, isn't that just so fantastic? This is great especially if you come from a series that has a lot of character background. We'll be judging personalities and writing samples as the main characteristics for your apps from now on.

Onward to the future?
Hell yeah! We're gonna start January with a bang but...well that would be going a little bit too far. Trust me, the plot plan is gonna have a little of bit oh...Epic Mickey.

Anything else?
Hey if you have things to say, we'd love to hear them! Let's make Zenithia super miracle badass!
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