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Event: If you open up the doors, we'll all come inside and eat your brains~

Oh hey, remember that circus? Turns out the circus folk aren't so friendly after all. Now that they've let us have our fun, it's time to get down to business, which for them is eating brains.

Starting tonight, all of the circus workers/performers/etc. will turn into HORRIBLE MONSTERS!

Zombies! These are pretty straightforward. They want to pick your brains. Possibly marinate them in teriyaki sauce as well.

Also, they have pet Zombie Dogs. If they bite you, you might feel a little sick. Like you have a bad case of food poisoning or something...

Trick or Trick Kids! Man, these guys are little snots. They'll mostly just spit pumpkin seeds at you.

Handsome Toms! Eek, creepy dummies!

Putrid Moldymen and Smelly Ghosts! They hide in trashcans. And they smell awful. So awful, in fact, that the stench makes your eyes water, making it harder to see.

Zombie Possessors! These guys are nasty. Don't let them get too close, or they may reach out and icy hand and possess you... IF YOU ARE POSSESSED, you will find yourself randomly punching the person next to you. Or yourself, in the face. Sometimes you'll be overcome with the urge to run face first into the nearest wall. Have fun with this!

So terrifying, am I rite? Watch out for the status effects, because they can effect you even if you are a robot. Because I said so

This is where the event log starts: Anyone who finds themselves in the castle at the time will be unable to leave (for now at least!). Anyone stuck outside will be locked out, obviously. If you're trapped in the castle, your job is to find a way out. If you're stranded outside, your job is to, uh, not die. STUFF WILL HAPPEN. Try and fight the monsters or exit the castle by force if you want, but you'll find that those methods will be unsuccessful for the most part, because magical castle is magical, and punching a zombie will most likely end with you getting sick.

Feel free to ask questions here or plan things here!
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