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Zenithia - A Steampunk Multifandom Roleplay
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Flower Petals
Hello Zenithia.

We've been awfully quiet the last year. Well, NO MORE! After talking between ourselves, we have finally decided to make the game a Community Based Game. The advantages are many, including the fact that now you will never need the add/drop list again, and you can have two accounts for the same character (icon mules ALRIGHT!)

So this community is going to stay our announcement hub, but now the logs community is going to be our main action log community and the zenithia castle is going to be our journal based community. Please join both if you haven't done so before!

So from now on, you'll need to tag all of your posts when you post! This will be important so you can hunt down your own posts. But it's going to be exciting, we promise.

Sign your dudes up in the character list!

PLEASE HEAD OVER HERE AND SIGN UP ALL YOUR DUDES! This is super important as we rebuild everything around here!

Speaking of which, there's a plot afoot!

Zenithia Saving Christmas
Christmas time. It's a delightful time of the year when everyone gets presents from jolly old St.Nick aka Santa Claus. But....OH NO! Santa seems to have disappeared from every multiverse!

SOMETHING IS AFOOT. SOMEONE HAS STOLEN ALL OF THE UNIVERSE'S SANTAS! Even those that don't have a santa, some old fat guy seems to have been stolen.

Who doesn't want cheer to be spread? It's gonna be someone really evil right? Well, you'd be...probably right.


Of course you know that, but your characters don't! At least not yet, they don't even know that right now, old me are screaming for their very lives as giant pairs of claws grab them all away.

That's why, you, Zenithias have been called in. You must help stop this menace before December 25th rolls over and the entire multiverses have a very depressing time of the year!


Character applications!
Are now more streamlined! Please head on over to the new app page and notice that the history section now allows you to link to a wiki! Gosh golly gee, isn't that just so fantastic? This is great especially if you come from a series that has a lot of character background. We'll be judging personalities and writing samples as the main characteristics for your apps from now on.

Onward to the future?
Hell yeah! We're gonna start January with a bang but...well that would be going a little bit too far. Trust me, the plot plan is gonna have a little of bit oh...Epic Mickey.

Anything else?
Hey if you have things to say, we'd love to hear them! Let's make Zenithia super miracle badass!
oh hai
Oh hey, remember that circus? Turns out the circus folk aren't so friendly after all. Now that they've let us have our fun, it's time to get down to business, which for them is eating brains.

But they're not unreasonable, I mean, no one's gonna eat your eyes.Collapse )
14th-Oct-2010 12:28 am - I Don't Have a Witty Title
Gravity still hates me
I've been pretty much dead around these parts for days lately and its probably going to remain so for a while longer so I'm going to have to call a hiatus. Hopefully this will only last a week or so more but we'll see.

I'm falling behind on assignments in a class I'm taking due to not having access to a computer with the program I need to use outside of class time until recently. Outside with a tag once in a while, I won't be around much until I catch up on my work. I'm sorry for anyone I currently have a thread with. Backdates?

This affects opossumknight and very_lil_brain .
8th-Oct-2010 08:17 pm - WHAT UP YO- I MEAN HELLO YES QUITE
Tea anyone?
Hello everyone! I am what's known as a LOLA, and am quite dangerous when engaged in conversation, as I'LL NEVER STOP TALKING AHAHAHAHA.

ANYWHO. Some of you here know me from other places, some of you don't, and some of you- I must say quite truthfully- WILL PROBABLY FIND ME MILDLY ANNOYING.


This dude. This dude right here. He would like very much to get to know you and become friends with you, then suddenly betray you, all the while drinking tea and spouting utter nonsense interspersed with puzzles.

So. Uh. Friend add maskofmiracle or hoverclicky.
8th-Oct-2010 09:47 am - Sorry for the non-activity!
Yeah, life and school (mainly the second one) has been eating up a lot of my time as of late and I've just not been able to get around to feeling up to posting.  Things are calming down a bit though so I'm trying to make a conscious effort to do more, hopefully without straining or forcing too much.

Apologies to anyone who I've been tagging with for seeming to just disappear.
27th-Sep-2010 11:50 am(no subject)
02: Sighs
Yeah, I...

I don't think I can do this anymore. I'm sorry.

friend remove ohmotherlystar

It's been fun, Zenithia. ♥ I just can't feel it at the RP anymore. It's inspiration that isn't coming back. I'm really sorry.
27th-Sep-2010 08:39 am(no subject)
Mi Corazón!
Hello, my name is Amanda and I'm a new-again member of Zenithia! (Um, we have another Amanda so "Numbers" would be an understandable nickname.) I previously played Lloyd Irving here, but I lost my muse for him. So... I come bringing a new one! Say hello to one of the other aquatic-based robot masters, Bubble Man! His app can be found here.

Be sure to add steamandbubbles  to your friends list! Even though that's usually my problem. So forgetful sob.

I promise to play nice and have fun! Er... was that right?

On a serious note: I think it would be appropriate to warn that if there are any future problems, to contact the mods instead of contacting me. It's not for anything bad, I just want to make sure things get handled properly. Hopefully that won't ever happen, because I really am happy to be back and I miss you guys!

Now if you excuse me, I got classes to study for!

ETA: I just realized now that Metal Man and a lot of the Mega Man cast is gone, but that's my fault for misreading post dates. Who's totally embarrassed now? Me. I'm still going to play as him though. I still have his voice and Zenithia could use some comic relief anyhow. It shouldn't mean anything anyway, because I still wanna play!

So basically, just ignore anything re: Metal Man and I'll just go with the idea that Kefka just tricked him so you guys get a useless load.
26th-Sep-2010 11:24 pm - A circus!
Those of you who visit the fields will notice a bit of activity there this week. There are people bustling about setting up stalls, brightly colored tents, and what appear to be carnival rides. It seems the circus is in town! Odd, though, the workers are so wrapped up in the preparation that they don't reply if you speak to them. They will, however, flash you a big, toothy smile if they see you before returning to their work. They seem friendly enough... right?
24th-Sep-2010 09:44 am - edited--
13: Despondentness
WELL. Okay. I had a week to think over what I should do.

And well, you guys haven't gotten rid of me just yet.

Never mind. I need to hiatus. Again. My physical state won't allow me to RP so well, and I don't feel... right being back here again. I'm really sorry. I'll discreetly drop if it needs to come to it, which it looks like it will. I'm really, really sorry for being such a flake.
17th-Sep-2010 05:53 pm(no subject)
01: Cuddles

14th-Sep-2010 06:18 pm(no subject)
Whoops, my introduction post is a bit late, isn't it?

So, I'm Soki and I'll be playing Remi Altava from the Professor Layton series! Please add bestassistant to your friend lists!

I look forward to roleplaying with everyone here!
12th-Sep-2010 01:49 pm - Just popping in to say....
Nice day
That Sparkster is no longer on hiatus. Furthermore, he has been canon updated to 15 years after the Genesis/SNES Sparkster games. I'll be putting a copy of his app in his journal shortly.

And that's about it...
11th-Sep-2010 09:29 am(no subject)
[default/HGSS] HAHA!

friend remove sparkybadassery or hover-click.

Sorry dudes, but after having played him at another roleplay, I'm not... feeling him in Zenithia anymore. Like this RP just doesn't work as well for him, so to speak, and it just isn't fun playing him here anymore, so it's time for him to go. (Again. I swear, I'm not re-apping him again this time.)

I'll try to keep here with Rosalina, too, but... no promises. I haven't been feeling it here that much in general, actually, so we'll see. 8(
7th-Sep-2010 02:16 am - HELLO. YES, QUITE.

Right so uh. I think some/most of you guys might actually already know me. I'm Cee, more or less. %D

And hey, look, I've got Professor Layton to play as. He's a pretty cool guy. I think you should add him to your friend's list! Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. So just go and add mental_gymnast .

Okay, awesome, I think that's all I need to say. I'm super excited to be back (after I ran off on the lot of you without a word before sob sob I still feel like a heel for that. I just didn't know how to handle being in more than one group). I missed you guys!
6th-Sep-2010 10:27 pm - Hi there!
Hey everyone! It took him a while - he wandered through China, Tibet, India, France and half of Australia finding his way. You have no idea of the indignities and humiliations he suffered, having to stop and ask every ten feet for directions... but he finally, finally made it to Zenithia.

Please add Ryoga to your friends lists - and be pretty specific about it. He might not know how to get to your friends page and may wind up in your back yard instead.
4th-Sep-2010 12:03 pm(no subject)
mission impossible; BAKA, brb; ninjaing
Oh hi, I'm back and being a total derp.

A holiday happens to land right a few days after test week, so I have some free time. Meebe... I'd probably be busy doing my other works/hobbies, but it won't put me down!

Anyways, morose_perv and puyopuyoflame are back in action!

And if anyone wants to backdate the class/puyo log just punch me, no really.
27th-Aug-2010 12:18 am - back!
dis is mah butt

HELLO I AM BACK. Would anybody like to backdate anything? I know the beach log was forever ago and yeah. 8D
23rd-Aug-2010 05:27 pm - Hiatus
I owe you guys a million apologies for this, but it's test week time and I must go on a hiatus. Not only that but my laptop decided to tanggo with binaries too, so no laptop at the moment.


Anyways, you guys could still have the characters mingle around each other in the logs, just assume Amitie's going on and on of her beloved Puyo game. As for Tsuchiya... make sure you're positive no one's around the girl's bathroom.

Affects puyopuyoflame and morose_perv, as per usual.
21st-Aug-2010 11:56 pm - Hiatus Time!
Not for me altogether but just for Sparkster. I've been failing tagging with him and been losing my grip on his voice for a while now  so I'm going to take a break to canon review and get my act together.

This only effects opossumknight .
11th-Aug-2010 10:12 am - hiiiiatus!
Scrooge McDuke
Hiatus for a bit! RL and all that. I'll try to be around on AIM if you need me, and I'll try to backtag when I get back, orz. Affects Scrooge, Kevin and Splashy! /o/
9th-Aug-2010 05:54 pm - Vacation
I am victorious


I am going to be on vacation for the next week - I'll have some limited internet access, but might not post a whole lot.

Essay and Rozen, you guys can keep on trucking with the log as much as you like and I'll chip in where I can - It's pretty IC for Clark to be distracted and taking notes and if you need to you can shove him in whatever direction best suits you guys. We can start the ~~~Really fun stuff~~~ when I get back. =)

As for Jon he's off doinking Felicia being surly and quiet as usual.

And that is the only two characters that this affects!
1st-Aug-2010 12:39 am - S'up guys
neutral smile
Hey guys! It's been a bit longer than planned, but! Jill is back! Also, she has been canon updated to the end of RE5.
So... yes. Updated app is in her journal and... yeah, I dunno. Good to be back! Even if i technically never left, sssh.

I have no idea what I am supposed to put in this entry hi
17th-Jul-2010 07:32 am(no subject)
Secretly trolling you
'sup Zenithia! It took faster than I expected, but I'm back and ready to take part in your shenanigans!

Buut, now I'm on my third year in school so I must call out an activity drop; meaning I'll be more slower than usual but I'll still be around. Blame national exams. :[

Affects; puyopuyoflame and morose_perv

PS: Third dude is being consider, expect a cat or a baseball player in the application posts near you!
10th-Jul-2010 10:54 pm(no subject)
Standin in blue
Hello Zenithians!

I return from my hiatus! Laura Bow tagging is back in full swing! Nice to be back~!
5th-Jul-2010 09:51 am(no subject)

I am pleased to inform you guys that I am feeling very, very much better now, and I feel it is about time that I return. Oh joy. This affects Surge and Rosalina. I'll go make entries with them as soon as I can... get ideas for entries and try to get back into the swing of things~
1st-Jul-2010 12:57 pm - Introductions
Hello everyone.  My name's Lamar and I'll be joining your game with Dr. Facilier from Disney's "The Princess and the Frog".  We both look forward to playing with you.  ;)
1st-Jul-2010 11:16 am - Hiatus!
Standin in blue
Going on vacation from July 2nd to July 10th! I'll probably not be around for any form of tagging due to scarce internet.

See you guys all soon!

This goes for southginger!
29th-Jun-2010 02:54 pm(no subject)
14: Seriousness
Indefinite semi-to-full-hiatus.

I'm... long story short, I'm losing my dog. I'm in no mood to tag anything period.
24th-Jun-2010 09:52 pm(no subject)
OK! The hiatus lasted a little longer then I'd hoped it would but who cares? Parcel is finally back and should be back for good!

So that's Sam and Klonoa back to doing whatever the heck it is they do around here!
21st-Jun-2010 03:23 pm(no subject)
Hello Zenithia!

This is Iyo (Guntz-mun) with her second character, Hakaba Kitaro! ...Also known as GeGeGe no Kitaro. He has too many names

Please add borninagrave to your flists! \o/

I will try to be more active with both of my characters.
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